Wren, Winter bird pictures

Wren, Winter bird picturesWINTER WREN

722. Nannus hiemalis. 4 inches

Above bright cinnamon, below paler; sides, wings, and tail heavily barred with black.
This is the shortest and most stoutly built Wren that we have.

They look very pert with their little stubby tail erect over their back. In most of the United States we only see them in the winter, and they are associated, in my mind, with brush heaps in woods and gardens.

They will hide in a small pile of brush, running from side to side, so that it is almost impossible to make them leave it.

Song. - A rippling flow of melody, not as loud, but more musical than that of the House Wren.

Nest. - In brush heaps, tin cans, hollow stumps or crevices in unoccupied buildings; made of piles of grass, weeds, etc., lined with feathers; eggs white, sparingly specked with reddish brown (.65 x .50).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from the northern edge of the U.S. northward; winters from its breeding range to the Gulf.