Wren, Cactus bird pictures

Wren, Cactus bird picturesCACTUS WREN

713. Heleodytes brunneicapillus. 8.5 inches

Cactus groves are the favorite resorts of these large Wrens. Often a bed of cactus not more than thirty feet square will con­tain the homes of half a dozen pairs of them.

Like all the members of the family, they are very sprightly and have violent tempers, scolding any one or anything that incurs their displeasure.

Nest. - Their nests are placed in cactus or other thorny shrubs; they are very large, purse-shaped affairs with an entrance on the side; they are made of little thorny twigs and grasses woven together, and the interior is warmly lined with feathers. The four or five eggs are creamy white, finely sprinkled with reddish brown (.95 x .65). Two or three broods are often raised in a season.

Range. - Southwestern border of the United States, ranging from southern Texas to California.