Woodpecker, Southern Downy bird pictures

Woodpecker, Southern Downy bird picturesSOUTHERN DOWNY WOODPECKER
394. Dryobates pubescens. 6 inches

The male has a red nuchal patch while the female has none. Downies are one of the commonest of our Woodpeckers and are usually tame, allowing a very close approach before flying.

They remain in orchards and open woods throughout the summer, and in winter often come to the windows in places where they are fed, as many people are in the habit of doing now.

Their food, as does that of nearly all the Woodpeckers, consists entirely of insects, grubs and larvae.

Note. - A sharp "peenk" or a rapid series of the same note, usually not as loud as that of the Hairy Woodpecker.

Nest. - In holes in trees in orchards or woods; the four to six white eggs being laid on the bare wood; size .75 x .60.

Range. - South Atlantic and Gulf States.

Sub-Species. - Northern Downy Woodpecker (medianus) North America east of the Rockies and north of the Carolinas. This variety is slightly larger than the southern, others are found west of the Rockies.