Woodpecker, Pileated bird pictures

Woodpecker, Pileated bird picturesPILEATED WOODPECKER
405. Phloeotomus pileatus. 17 inches

Male with a scarlet crown and crest, and a red moustache or mark extending back from the bill; female with scarlet crest but a blackish forehead and no moustache.

Next to the Ivory-bills, these are the largest of our Woodpeckers.

Like that species it is very destructive to trees in its search for food. While engaged in this pursuit, they often drill large holes several inches into sound wood to reach the object of their search.

Like all the Woodpeckers, they delight in playing tattoos on dry, resonant limbs with their bills.

Note. - A whistled "cuk," "cuk," "cuk," slowly repeated many times, also a "wick-up" repeated several times.

Nest. - In large cavities in trees, in which they lay four to six white eggs (1.30 x 1.00).

Range. - Southern United States. The Northern Pileated Woodpecker (abietocola) is locally found in temperate N.A.