Waxwing, Bohemian bird pictures

Waxwing, Bohemian bird picturesBOHEMIAN WAXWING
618. Bombycilla garrula. 8 inches

Larger and grayer than our common Cedar Waxwing and with yellow and white on the wing; it is a northern species and is only casually found in eastern U.S.

They nest within the Arctic Circle and only a few of their nests have ever been found.

In winter they are found in flocks, roving restlessly about the country, often appearing where least expected and utterly deserting other places where they are usually found.

Nest. - Of small twigs and moss, lined with feathers, usually placed at low elevations in spruce or coniferous trees; eggs dull bluish white specked sparingly with black (1.00 x .70), similar to those of the Cedar Waxwing but larger.

Range. - Northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere, breeding within the Arctic Circle and wintering casually south to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and California.