Warbler, Yellow bird pictures

Warbler, Yellow bird picturesYELLOW WARBLER
652. Dendroica aestiva. 5 inches

Male, with chestnut streaks on the sides; female, duller and without the streaks.

An abundant bird everywhere in woodland, park, orchard, or garden and one of the most vivacious of the family. Arrives in the north soon after May first and is seen flitting about like a gleam of sunshine snatching insects from the foliage or darting after them in the air. Often known as the Summer Yellow-bird.

It frequently nests in garden or orchard trees, where it is a most welcome tenant.

Song. - A sharp, vigorous "che-wee, che-wee, che-wee."

Nest. - A beautiful and compact structure of vegetable or plant fibres firmly quilted together, and fastened to upright forks of bushes or trees at low elevations. Willows along creeks, ponds, or rivers are favorite resorts.

Range. - N.A., breeding from the Gulf to Labrador and Alaska; winters in Central America.