Warbler, Worm-eating bird pictures

Warbler, Worm-eating bird picturesWORM-EATING WARBLER
639. Helmitheros vermivorus. 5 1/2 inches

Crown buffy with two black stripes; back, wings, and tail olive green with no white markings; below buffy white.

These birds are very unsuspicious and easy to approach; they spend the greater portion of their time on or near the ground; they are very fond of spiders and find quantities by overturning bits of bark and leaves.

They also glean part of their living from the underside of the foliage much as do the Vireos.

They are met with in open woods and brush-grown pastures.

Song. - A weak, rapid chipping.

Nest. - On the ground in depressions under logs, stones, or bushes; of leaves and grass, lined with fine grass or hair; eggs four or five in number, white, spotted principally around the large end with brownish (.70 x .55).

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding from the Gulf north to Connecticut, Ohio, and Iowa; winters in Central America.