Warbler, Wilson bird pictures

Warbler, Wilson bird picturesWILSON WARBLER

685. Wilsonia pusilla. 5 inches

Male, with black crown patch; female, with the crown greenish like the back.

These little fly-catching Warblers are abundant in the United States during migrations, being found in woods or swamps, and very often in apple trees when they are in bloom.

They fly about among the outer branches snatching insects from the foliage or blossoms, and often dashing out to catch one that is flying by. Their natural quickness is intensified by their very attractive plumage which harmonizes perfectly with green leaves.

Song. - A simple and rather weak trill.

Nest. - Of leaves and bark, imbedded in the ground under bushes on the edges of swamps or woods; eggs white, specked with reddish brown (.60 x .48).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from the northern edge of the U.S. northward; winters in Central America. Two sub­species are found west of the Rockies.