Warbler, Swainson bird pictures

Warbler, Swainson bird picturesSWAINS0N WARBLER
638. Helinaia swainsonii. 5 inches

Upper parts brownish; underparts whitish; a white super-ciliary stripe and a brown stripe through the eye.

Some of the habits of this species are similar to those of the last but they are even more aquatic; they like swamps or stagnant pools thickly grown with rushes and tangled under-brush; unless cognizant of their habits, one would never look for a Warbler in the places frequented by these birds in company with Least Bitterns and Marsh Wrens.

Until within a few years these were regarded as rare birds but are now found to be not uncommon in certain of the South Atlantic states, notably Georgia.

Song. - A series of descending loud, clear whistles with a ventriloquial effect.

Nest - Quite large structures consisting mostly of leaves with strips of bark, roots, and pine needles. The four or five eggs are plain white, being the only eggs of American Warblers that are unmarked.

Range. - Southeastern U.S. from Georgia to Louisiana and north to North Carolina and Missouri.