Warbler, Prothonotary bird pictures

Warbler, Prothonotary bird picturesPROTHONOTARY WARBLER
637. Protonotaria citrea. 5 1/4 inches

Whole head and underparts intense yellow, almost orange on the head of the male; tail with white spots near the tip; female, duller.

A common species in the interior, found in bushy swamps and the willows around the borders of pools and lakes; they are found in the latter localities with Tree Swallows and often Chickadees all nesting in holes in hollow stubs along the bank, they being one of the few members of this family to make use of such locations for their nests.

Song. - A loud, ringing "tweet, tweet, tweet."

Nest. - In hollow stubs near or over water, the cavity of the stump being partially filled with moss, leaves, and grasses hollowed on the top to receive the four to six creamy-white eggs which are heavily spotted over the entire surface with reddish brown (.72 x .55).

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding from the Gulf north to Virginia, Illinois, and Minnesota; winters in Central America.