Warbler, Prairie bird pictures

Warbler, Prairie bird picturesPRAIRIE WARBLER
673. Dendroica discolor. 4.75 inches

Above greenish with chestnut spots on the back; below yellow with black markings; female paler.

These are very locally distributed birds and will often be found breeding abundantly in a small patch of brush-covered pasture, while many others apparently just as well suited for their purposes will be shunned by them.

They are very active, flitting rapidly from one bush to another, the male occasionally mounting to a bush top to hurriedly deliver his song, then diving out of sight below the foliage.

Song. - An energetic, rather harsh "zee-zee-zee-ee" on an ascending scale.

Nest - A neat cup of grasses and vegetable fibres, lined with black rootlets or horsehair; located in low shrubs or bushes from one to two feet above ground; eggs whitish with blackish­brown specks about the large end (.65 x .48).

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding from the Gulf to Massachusetts and southern Michigan; winters in the West Indies.