Warbler, Pine bird pictures

Warbler, Pine bird picturesPINE WARBLER
671. Dendroica vigorsi. 5.5 inches
Greenish yellow above, brighter below; two white wing bars and white spots on outer tail feathers; female, duller and grayer.

Found only in tracts of coniferous trees, except during mi­grations, when they are often in company with other kinds of Warblers. They like dry hillsides covered with scrub pines and are often quite abundant in such localities. They are rather quiet in their manners, creeping about among the tree tops like Black and White Warblers and occasionally giving their clear little trill.

Song. - Nearest like that of the Chipping Sparrow, but easily distinguishable; a long, clear trill.

Nest. - A small, compact structure of black rootlets lined with hair; placed in the extreme tops of scrub pines, where it is very difficult to see them; eggs white specked with reddish brown (.62 x .50).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from the Gulf north to southern Canada; winters in southern U.S.