Warbler, Mourning bird pictures

Warbler, Mourning bird picturesMOURNING WARBLER

679. Oporornis philadelphia. 5.5 inches

Similar to the last, but with no eye ring and with a black patch on the breast.

These birds are found in swamps and thickets, as well as among the bushes and weeds along walls, fences, and the edges of woods.

Their habits are like those of the Maryland Yellow­throats, they being found on or near the ground, scratching about among the leaves or gleaning insects from the foliage of the low shrubbery.

They appear to be the most abundant in the middle states and northward.

Song. - Similar to the liquid song of the Water-Thrush; call, a sharp "peenk," like that of the last.

Nest. - On or near the ground in thickets or tangled vines; made of fine bark strips and fibres, lined with hair; eggs white specked with reddish brown (.71 x .54).

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding from northern New England, Ohio, and Michigan north to southern Canada; winters south of the U.S.