Warbler, Magnolia bird pictures

Warbler, Magnolia bird picturesMAGNOLIA WARBLER
657. Dendroica magnolia. 5 inches

Male, with black ear patch, back, and necklace; female, with the black replaced with grayish; both sexes have a yellow rump and white spots midway of the tail feathers.

One of the prettiest of the Warblers and one of the least timid. I have often had one or more of these birds follow me the whole length of a piece of woods apparently out of curiosity, coming down to the nearest twigs within arms' reach of me.

Birch woods are their favorites during migrations, although a few of them will be found almost anywhere.

Song. - A short, rapidly uttered warble.

Nest. - Usually in coniferous trees, far out on the longer branches, where they are often difficult to get at, of rootlets lined with fine black rootlets and hair; four or five white eggs with small spots of chestnut around the large end (.60 x 48).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from Massachusetts and Michigan northward; winters south of the U.S.