Warbler, Golden-winged bird pictures

Warbler, Golden-winged bird picturesGOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER
642. Vermivora chrysoptera. 5 inches

Crown and two large wing bars yellow; throat and ear patches black; rest of plumage gray and white; female with less black.

The distribution of this beautiful Warbler is about the same as that of the last, with which it seems to have many habits in common.

It seems to prefer low ridges and side hills covered with small bushes.

Song. - A buzzing "zwee-ze-ze."

Nest. - Of leaves, rootlets, strips of bark and grass; located on the ground among clumps of weeds, usually in moist places; eggs white with brown specks (.62 x .48).

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding north to Connecticut and Michigan; winters in Central America.

Hybrid. - Brewster Warbler is a hybrid between this species and the last. It resembles the (Golden-winged Warbler without the black, but with a yellow patch on the breast and the black line of the Blue-wing through the eye.