Warbler, Connecticut bird pictures

Warbler, Connecticut bird picturesCONNECTICUT WARBLER

678. Oporornis agilis. 5.5 inches

Male with a bluish slate-colored head; eye ring white and completely encircling the eye; female with a saffron-colored head.

In the United States we find this Warbler only in spring and fall migrations.

They appear to be much more rare in the spring than in the fall; while I have seen perhaps a hundred in the fall I have never seen but one in spring.

They frequent wild tangled thickets, such as you often find Maryland Yellow­throats in. As they do most of their feeding upon the ground and remain in the depths of the thickets, they are rarely seen unless attention is drawn to them.

Song. - Somewhat like that of the Maryland Yellow-throat; call, a sharp, metallic "peenk."

Nest. - In thickets or clumps of briars, either on the ground or just above it; made of strips of bark and skeletons of leaves lined with hair; eggs whitish sparingly specked at the large end with brown (.75 x .56).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding north of the U.S., winters in northern South America.