Warbler, Cerulean bird pictures

Warbler, Cerulean bird picturesCERULEAN WARBLER

658. Dendroica coerulea. 5 inches

Above grayish blue with black streaks, below white with a bluish breast band and streaks on the sides; female washed with greenish above and yellowish below; both have white patches near the ends of the tail feathers.

These dainty little Warblers are not abundant anywhere, but seem to be most so in the central states. They are birds of the tree tops, rarely coming down so that they can be distinctly seen.

They may be more common than supposed, for so small a body at such heights can readily be overlooked.

Song. - A little warbling trill, "zee-zee-ze-ee-eep."

Nest. - In the higher outer branches of large trees usually in deep woods; compactly made of dry grasses and cobwebs, adorned with a few lichens; eggs white specked at the large end with brownish (.65 x .50).

Range. - Interior portions of the U.S., breeding north to Michigan and Minnesota; east to western New York and, rarely, southern New England; winters in northern South America.