Warbler, Cape May bird pictures

Warbler, Cape May bird picturesCAPE MAY WARBLER
650. Dendroica tigrina. 5 inches

Male, with a chestnut wash on the ears and throat; female, duller and with little or no chestnut.

In the greater part of eastern North America, Cape May Warblers are regarded as rare birds; they appear to migrate in compact bodies, not spreading out over the country as do most of the others; consequently they may be very common in restricted areas while lacking entirely in others.

I have never met with but two specimens in Massachusetts. While passing through the United States you may meet with them in open woods, parks, or in shade trees along the streets of cities.

Song. - A thin, high-pitched whistle repeated several times.

Nest.- Of small cedar twigs lined with horsehair, placed within a few feet of the ground in small cedar trees; eggs white spotted with brown (.68 x .50).

Range. - Eastern N. A., breeding in eastern Canada and, rarely, northern New England; winters south of the U.S.