Warbler, Canadian bird pictures

Warbler, Canadian bird picturesCANADIAN WARBLER

686. Wilsonia canadensis. 5.5 inches

Male, with a necklace of black spots, white eye ring and lores; female, and young, with only a slight indication of the necklace.

These Warblers travel northward in company with many other kinds, always keeping in the underbrush near the ground, except when they come out into orchards and parks.

Like the two last, they are very lively, rarely remaining still for more than a few seconds, before they must dash after some tempting morsel that is flying by.

Song. - A loud liquid warble, most nearly resembling that of the Water-Thrush; call, a sharp, querulous chip.

Nest. - Of rootlets and strips of bark, under roots of trees or shrubs or at the foot of stumps in the moss; the four eggs are white with a wreath of chestnut spots around the large end (.68 x .50).

Range. - Eastern N. A., breeding from Massachusetts and Michigan northward; winters in northern South America.