Warbler, Blue-winged bird pictures

Warbler, Blue-winged bird picturesBLUE-WINGED WARBLER
641. Vermiuora pinus. 4 3/4 inches

Crown and underparts yellow; a narrow black line through the eyes; two broad whitish wing bars.

A common bird of the southeastern states and north to Connecticut, frequenting open woods, thickets, and gardens.

They are ground birds, spending most of their time on the ground or in low bushes which they clean of the insects which are destructive.

Song. - A loud, rapid chirrup, similar to that of the Grasshopper Sparrow but loud and distinct.

Nest. - Of leaves and strips of bark, lined with fine grasses; on the ground in clumps of weeds or blackberry vines; eggs white, sparingly spotted around the large end with rufous (.65 x .50).

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding north to southern Connecticut and Wisconsin; winters in the Tropics.

Hybrids. - Lawrence Warbler, which is a hybrid between this species and the nest; it has the general plumage of this species with the black ear patches and throat of the Golden-winged Warbler.

It is found chiefly in southwestern Connecticut and New York.