Warbler, Black and White bird pictures

Warbler, Black and White bird picturesBLACK AND WHITE WARBLER
636. Mniotilta varia. 5 1/4 inches

Male, heavily streaked with black below; female, with only a few streaks on the sides.

These Warblers are usually known as Black and White Creepers because of their habit of creeping along the limbs and branches of trees.

They are abundant in northern United States, being found in open woods, swamps, and often in parks, gleaning insects and grubs from crevices in the bark.

Song. - A weak, thin, wiry "tsee, tsee, tsee."

Nest. - Of grasses and strips of bark on the ground at the foot of a stump or tree trunk or beside a rock; they lay four or five eggs, white with a wreath of reddish brown around the large end (.65 x .55).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from Virginia and Louisiana north to Labrador and Hudson Bay; winters in northern South America.