Warbler, Bachman bird pictures

Warbler, Bachman bird picturesBACHMAN WARBLER
640. Vermivora bachmani. 4 1/4 inches

Male, with a yellow forehead, shoulders, and underparts; black cap and breast patch; female, duller and with less black.

This species was first discovered by Dr. John Bachman near Charleston, S.C.

Song. - An insignificant warble or twitter, similar to the song of the Parula.

Nest. - In low bushes or briers, one to three feet above ground. Made of fine grasses and leaf skeletons lined with black fibres. Found breeding by Widmann in Missouri, by Embody in Kentucky, and by Wayne in South Carolina.

Eggs four in number; pure white (.63 x .48).

Range. - Southeastern U.S., north to North Carolina and west to Missouri. Rare and local in distribution.