Vireo, Yellow-throated bird pictures

Vireo, Yellow-throated bird picturesYELLOW-THROATED VIREO
628. Lanivireo flavifrons. 5 3/4 inches

Upper parts greenish; throat, breast, and line over eye yellow; two prominent whitish wing bars.

A handsome Vireo found in localities such as are frequented by the Red-eyed species. Nowhere do they appear to be as abundant as that species, however; they are more abundant than many suppose, but the difficulty of clearly seeing the yellow breast when they are feeding in the tree tops, combined with the similarity of their songs, usually causes them to be passed by without inspection.

Song. - Similar to that of the Red-eye, but louder and more nasal, less varied and not uttered as often.

Nest.- A pensile structure of strips of bark, grasses, etc., with the outside often ornamented with lichens; three to five eggs with a creamy or rosy-white tint, specked, more profusely than those of the Red-eye, with reddish brown (.82 x .60).

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding from the Gulf to southern Canada; winters in Central America.