Vireo, White-eyed bird pictures

Vireo, White-eyed bird picturesVireo, White-eyed bird pictures
631. Vireo griseus. 5 inches

This species shows a partiality for low, swampy places, covered with briars or tangled thickets oŁ blackberry vines.

Their habits are entirely different from any of the preceding Vireos. They do not seem to sing as they eat, but feed in silence, then, the task ended.

Mount to the tops of the brush and indulge in an endless variety of calls and whistles.

Song. - A great variety of clear whistles and squeaky notes.

Nest. - A bulky structure of strips of bark, leaves, paper, etc., either placed in the branches or partially suspended in a fork; eggs white with minute brown specks (.75 x .55).

Range. - Eastern United States, breeding from the Gulf to Massachusetts and Manitoba; winters in Mexico.

Sub-Species. - 631a. Key West Vireo (maynardi), southern Florida. 631b. Bermuda White-eyed Vireo (bermudianus), resident in the Bermudas. 631c. Small White-eyed Vireo (micrus) ; southeastern Texas.