Vireo, Red-eyed bird pictures

Vireo, Red-eyed bird picturesRED-EYED VIREO
624. Vireosylva olivacea. 6 inches

Crown slaty gray with a black border; white stripe above eye; eye reddish brown.

Throughout the United States this is one of the most abundant of the family. All through the spring and summer months their warble is heard from woodland and roadside, often becoming so monotonous as to be irritating.

Oftentimes during the spring migrations of Warblers, Vireos are so numerous and singing so lustily that it is impossible to hear or distinguish the songs of any of the smaller birds.

Song. - Delivered in parts with intermission of a few seconds between, from morning until night; a short varied warble; call, a petulant mew.

Nest. - A basket woven of strips of bark and fibres, and often with pieces of newspaper worked in, lined with fine grass; eggs white with a few blackish-brown specks on the large end (85 x .55).

Range. - U.S. east of the Rockies, breeding from the Gulf to Labrador and Manitoba; winters in Central America.