Vireo, Black-capped bird pictures

Vireo, Black-capped bird picturesBLACK-CAPPED VIREO
630. Vireo atricapillus. 4 1/2 inches

Male, with crown and sides of head glossy black, lores and eye-ring white; female, duller colored.

This strange and comparatively rare Vireo frequents brush-wood on the prairies of Kansas, Indian Territory, and central and western Texas.

Their habits in all respects resemble those of the more common Vireos or Greenlets as they are otherwise called.

Notes. - Similar to those of the White-eyed Vireo.

Nest. - Suspended as usual from forked branches at low elevations; made of fibres and bark strips closely woven together with spider webs.

The four eggs are pure white, unmarked (.70 x .52).

Range. - Breeds from central and western Texas north to southern Kansas; winters in Mexico.