Trasher, Sage bird pictures

Trasher, Sage bird picturesSAGE THRASHER

702. Oreoscoptes montanus. 8.75 inches

This species is often known as the Mountain Mockingbird because of the brilliance of its song, a very varied performance, long continued and mocking that of many other species.

They inhabit sage-brush regions and are partial to the lower portions of the country, although frequently met in open mountains.

They are not shy and can readily be located by their voices.

Nest. - In bushes, especially the sage and cactus; a loose structure made of bark strips, small twigs, and coarse grasses lined with fine rootlets. The three or four eggs have a rich greenish-blue ground, spotted with bright reddish brown (.95 x .70).

Range. - Sage-brush regions of western United States from the Plains to the Pacific; winters in Mexico and Lower California.