Trasher, Brown bird pictures

Trasher, Brown bird picturesBROWN THRASHER

705. Toxostoma rufum. 11.5 inches

Above bright reddish brown; below white with black spots. Taken as a whole I think that the song of this Thrasher is the most musical and pleasing of any that I have ever heard. It has a similarity to that of the Catbird, but is rounder, fuller, and has none of the grating qualities of the song of that species.

They apparently have a song of their own and do not deign to copy that of others. They are one of the most useful and desirable birds that we have.

Song. - A bright and cheerful carol, often long continued, but always clear and sweet; call, a clear whistled "wheuu."

Nest. - Of twigs and rootlets, in hedges, thickets, or thorn bushes; the four or five eggs are bluish white with numerous fine dots or reddish brown over the entire surface (1.08 x .80).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from the Gulf to southern Canada; winters in the southern half of the U.S.