Tern, Artic bird pictures

Tern, Artic bird picturesARCTIC TERN
71. Sterna paradisoe. 15 inches.

A similar bird to the last; more northern in its distribution; and the pearly gray mantle somewhat darker both above and below. Bill quite red and feet much smaller and bright red.

When their nesting colonies are approached they will rise in clouds, circling about high in the air, uttering at times their peculiar cry.

Nest. - Similar to the others, with very little if any attempt at nest building. Usually placing the two or three eggs on the bare sand or gravel just above the water line.

There is no difference in the color or markings of the eggs from the others (1.75 x 1.40).

Range. - More northerly than the preceding, to the Arctic Regions and wintering from California to the Gulf States.