Teal, Blue-winged bird pictures

Teal, Blue-winged bird picturesBLUE-WINGED TEAL
140. Querquedula discors. 15 inches.

Male has the head a dark gray with white crescent in front of the eye; under parts chestnut heavily spotted with black; wing coverts bright blue. Female similar to female Greenwing, but has the blue wing coverts.

In flight can be easily separated from the Green-wing by its darker underparts.

Their flight is very rapid, and usually in compact lines. This is more common east of the Rockies than the other.

Nest. - Made of grass and nicely lined with feathers placed in the reeds bordering marshes. 8 to 12 creamy colored eggs are laid.

Range. - North America, breeding more abundantly than the former farther north in its range.