Tanager, Summer bird pictures

Tanager, Summer bird picturesSUMMER TANAGER
610. Piranga rubra. 7 1/2 inches

Male, rosy red; female, greenish yellow.

These Tanagers have a more southerly distribution than the Scarlet variety, but are found in the same kind of territory. In its localities it is rather more abundant and less retiring than is the latter bird in the north, and more often dwells in public parks.

This bird is often called the Redbird and in localities where both the Scarlet Tanager and this species are found, they are frequently known by the same name, as their habits and notes are similar.

Song. - Similar to that of the Scarlet Tanager but said to be sweeter and clearer, and to more nearly resemble that of the Robin.

Nest. - On the outer horizontal limbs of trees in open woods or groves; nest of twigs and rootlets; eggs bluish green, spotted with brown (.95 x .65).

Range. - U.S. east of the Rockies, breeding from the Gulf to New-Jersey and Kansas; winters in Central America. A sub-species is found west of the Rockies.