Swift, White-Throated bird pictures

Swift, White-Throated bird picturesWHITE-THROATED SWIFT
425. Aeronautes melanoleucus. 6.5 inches

This beautiful swift is one of the most graceful of winged creatures. Its flight is extremely rapid and its evolutions remarkable.

They nest in communities, thousands of them often congregating about the tops of inaccessible cliffs, in the crevices of which they make their homes.

No bird has a more appropriate generic name than this species - "aeronautes," meaning sailor of the air; he is a sailor of the air and a complete master of the art.

Note. - Loud, shrill twittering, uttered chiefly while on the wing.

Nest. - Placed at the end of burrows in earthy cliffs or as far back as possible between crevices in rocks; usually in inaccessible places and as high as possible from the ground. It is a saucer-shaped structure made of vegetable materials cemented together with saliva, and lined with feathers. The four white eggs measure .87 x .52

Range. - From the eastern foothills of the Rockies to the Pacific; north to Montana and northern California.