Swan, Whistling bird pictures

Swan, Whistling bird picturesWHISTLING SWAN
180. Olor columbianus. 58 inches.

These large birds are snow white, with the exception of their bill and feet, which are black. The nostril is situated nearer the end of the bill than it is to the eye.

It is distinguished from the next by the small yellow spot on either side of the bill near its base.

Nest. - Are made of a large mass of rubbish, weeds, moss, grass, feathers and a few sticks, generally placed in marshy places near ponds or lakes. Three to six greenish or brownish buff eggs are laid (4.00 x 2.75).

Range. - North America, more common in the east, breeding in Alaska and the Arctic islands, wintering from British Columbia to the central part of California.