Swallow, Barn bird pictures

Swallow, Barn bird picturesBARN SWALLOW
613. Hirundo erythrogastra. 7 1/2 inches

Female duller plumaged and with a less deeply forked tail than the male. Forehead and throat chestnut and entire under parts buffy; tail deeply forked and with a white spot on the inner web of each feather except the central pair.

This is the most graceful and beautiful of all our Swallows, and is the most common about farmhouses, the inside beams and rafters of which they appropriate for their own use.

They delight in skimming over the rolling meadows or the surface of ponds, now rising with the wind, now swooning downward with the speed of an arrow.

Song. - A continuous, rapid twitter.

Nest. - A bowl-shaped structure made up of pellets of mud cemented together with the birds' saliva, and lined with feathers; attached to rafters in barns, the opening being at the top and not at the side as in the last; eggs exactly like those of the last.

Range. - N.A., breeding north to the limit of trees; winters in northern South America.