Sparrow, White-throated bird pictures

Sparrow, White-throated bird picturesWHITE-THROATED SPARROW
558. Zonotrichia albicollis. 6 3/4 inches

In thick underbrush we hear these birds scratching about among the leaves; occasionally one of them will hop up on a twig and give his clear peabody song, or, hearing or seeing you, give a sharp chirp and dash out of sight again.

They are birds of the ground, always busy and always happy. I think that without any exception they are the handsomest of our Sparrows, their colors are so rich and harmonize and blend together so well.

Song. - A high-pitched, very clear and sweet whistle, "pea-bo-dy-bird." Call and note of alarm, a metallic chirp.

Nest. - Usually on the ground on the borders of woods or in swamps; of grass and leaves, similar to, but larger than, that of the Song Sparrow. Four or five eggs, pale greenish blue, thickly spotted with brown (.85 x .63).

Range. - N.A. east of the Rockies, breeding from northern U.S. to Labrador and Hudson Bay; winters in the southern half of U.S.