Sparrow, Vesper bird pictures

Sparrow, Vesper bird picturesVESPER SPARROW
540. Pooecetes gramineus. 6 inches

The chestnut shoulders and white outer tail feathers distinguish this from any other of our Sparrows.

The name Vesper Sparrow is given this bird because of its habit of tuning up along toward evening; it is perhaps more often known as the "Bay-winged Sparrow" or "Grass Finch."

They are found chiefly in dry pastures or along dusty roadsides, where they start from the ground in front of us, their white tail feathers showing prominently as they fly, so that there will be no mistake as to their identity.

Song. - A clear, ascending series of whistles, given from a fence post or bush top; call, a sharp chirp.

Nest. - Of grasses in weedy fields or pastures; four or five whitish eggs marked and blotched with brownish (.80 x .60).

Range. - Eastern N. A. from Virginia to southern Canada; winters in southern U.S. The similar Western Vesper Sparrow (confinis) is found from the Plains to the Pacific coast ranges.