Sparrow, Tree bird pictures

Sparrow, Tree bird picturesTREE SPARROW
559. Spizella monticola. 6 1/4 inches

A blackish-brown spot in middle of breast; crown reddish brown with no black about the head; back and wings with considerable brown.

These Sparrows are summer residents of the Arctic region, passing the winter in the northern half of the U.S.

They bear considerable resemblance to our common Chipping Sparrow but are larger and have characteristic markings as noted above.

They appear in the U.S. in October and many of them pass the winter in the fields and gardens in our northern states.

Note. - A musical chirp; song, strong, sweet, and musical and ending in a low warble.

Nest. - Usually on the ground, but sometimes at low elevations in bushes. Eggs pale greenish blue with brown specks over the whole surface, thus being very different from those of the Chipping Sparrow (.80 x .60).

Range. - N.A. east of the Plains, breeding in Labrador and about Hudson Bay; winters in northern half of the U.S.

A subspecies, 559a. Western Tree Sparrow (ochracea) is paler; it is found from the Plains to the Pacific, breeding in the north.