Sparrow, Sharp-tailed bird pictures

Sparrow, Sharp-tailed bird picturesSHARP-TAILED SPARROW
649. Passerherbulus caudacutus. 5 3/4 inches

Back of head greenish; sides of head, breast, and flanks buff
with black streaks; tail feathers sharp.

Salt marshes along the seacoast or along streams emptying
into the ocean are the dwelling-places of these Finches. They
creep about like mice in the salt grass, now running across an
open space, now threading their way through the upright stalks.

Song. - A rather weak, squeaky trill.

Nest. - Of seaweed and marsh grass, attached to the grass
stalks several inches above ground and often covered by a mass of dry seaweed. Eggs greenish white specked with brown (.78 x .56).

Range. - Atlantic coast of the U.S.