Sparrow, Seaside bird pictures

Sparrow, Seaside bird picturesSEASIDE SPARROW
550. Passerherbulus maritimus. 6 inches

Yellow spot before the eye. General plumage above grayish green with no black markings. All the habits of the Seaside Sparrows are precisely like those of the Sharp-tailed Sparrows.

The nests and eggs are indistinguishable and are often found in the same marshes.

Sub-Species. -
550a. Scott Seaside Sparrow (peninsulae), slightly smaller and with the back marked with black and brownish green; South Atlantic coast.

550b. Texas Seaside Sparrow (sennetti), greener above than No. 550; coast of Texas.

550c. Fisher Seaside Sparrow (fisheri), darker above than scotti and with the breast and sides heavily washed with rusty and streaked with black; coast of Louisiana.

550d. Macgillivray Seaside Sparrow (macgillivrayii), coast of South Carolina.