Sparrow, Savannah bird pictures

Sparrow, Savannah bird picturesSAVANNAH SPARROW
542a. Passerculus sandwichensis savanna. 5.5 inches

Breast and sides streaked with brownish, and yellow before the eye and also on bend of wing.

These Finches are very abundant in eastern U.S. during migrations and a few remain in the northern parts through the summer.

Song. - A weak trill or twitter; a short chip.

Nest. - Of grasses in hollows in the ground and concealed by grass or weeds. The four grayish eggs are spotted with brown (.75 x .55).

Range. - Winters in southern U.S.; breeds from northern U.S. northward.

542b. Western Savannah Sparrow (alaudinus) is found from the Plains west to the coast ranges. It is slightly paler.