Sparrow, Pine-woods bird pictures

Sparrow, Pine-woods bird picturesPINE-WOODS SPARROW
675. Peucoea aestivalis. 5 3/4 inches

Upper parts streaked with black; back chestnut and gray; under parts buffy white; tail rounded. These dull-colored birds are abundant on some of the southern pine barrens.

Their habits are similar to those of the Henslow Sparrow; they are quite shy and it is almost impossible to make one show itself above the grass, through which it runs and dodges with great swiftness.

If it is surprised into taking wing it goes but a few feet, then drops out of sight again.

Note. - A metallic chip; song, similar to that of the Field Sparrow, but reversed; that is, with the trill first.

Nest. - Of grasses, on the ground, under shrubs or in tufts of grass; not usually arched as those of Bachman Sparrow seem to always be; four or five pure white eggs (.72 x .60).

Range. - Georgia and Florida.

575a. Bachman Sparrow (bachmannii) is brighter above but has fewer black streaks; found in the South Atlantic and Gulf States and north to Indiana.