Sparrow, Lincoln bird pictures

Sparrow, Lincoln bird picturesLINCOLN SPARROW
583. Melospiza lincolnii. 5 3/4 inches

Upper parts extensively brown and black, breast and sides bright buff with fine black streaks.

These Finches are quite abundant in the West, especially during migrations, but are rather uncommon in the eastern states.

Their habits are similar in some respects to both those of the Song Sparrow and of the Grasshopper Sparrow.

They are very lively at all times and in the mating season quite pugnacious. They sit for minutes at a time upon the top of a bush pouring forth their melody, and they have one of the most brilliant songs of any of the family.

Song. - Loud, clear, and gurgling, after the style of the House Wren; call, a metallic chirp.

Nest. - Of grass, on the ground, in tufts of grass or under small shrubs; eggs pale greenish white, heavily marked with chestnut (.80 x .58).

Range. - N.A., breeding from northern U. S. to Labrador and Alaska; winters in southern half of U.S.