Sparrow, Harris bird pictures

Sparrow, Harris bird picturesHARRIS SPARROW
553. Zonotrichia querula. 7 1/2 inches

Adults in summer with the crown, face, and throat black; in winter with the black areas mottled with gray.

This species is one of the largest of the Sparrows.

It is found abundantly on the prairies during migrations, but about nesting time they all seem to disappear and no one has, as yet, been able to locate their exact breeding range.

It is supposed to be among some of the foothills of North Dakota and northward through Manitoba and Saskatchewan, as they have been found during the summer in all these localities.

Nests supposed to belong to this species have been found, but they lack positive identification.

Song. - A series of musical, piping whistles.

Nest. - Supposed to be of grass and bark, a few inches above the ground in weed stalks or small shrubs; eggs whitish, thickly spotted with brown (.95 x .65).

Range. - Interior U.S. from Texas (in winter) north through the Plains and Mississippi to Manitoba.