Sparrow, Grasshopper bird pictures

Sparrow, Grasshopper bird picturesGRASSHOPPER SPARROW
546. Ammodramus savannarum australis. 5.5 inches

Crown blackish with a central buffy stripe; nape brown and gray; sides of head, breast, and flanks, buffy without streaks.
Song. - A weak, insect-like "zee-e-e-e-e."

Nest. - A grass-lined hollow in a field, with the top arched over so as to keep off the sun and conceal the eggs. In June four or five white, brown-specked eggs are laid (.75 x .55).

Range. - U.S. east of the Rockies; winters in southern U.S. 546b. Florida Grasshopper Sparrow (floridanus), a darker race found on the plains of interior Florida.