Sparrow, Fox bird pictures

Sparrow, Fox bird picturesFOX SPARROW
585. Passerella iliaca. 7 1/4 inches

Above bright reddish brown and gray; rump and tail wholly reddish brown, and spots on the breast and sides of the same color.

In winter we find these large Sparrows in quiet swamps and open woods, where they scratch about among the fallen leaves, after the manner of domestic fowls; they will scratch energetically for a few seconds, then pause to see what they have uncovered.

They have a short but loud and joyful song, with which they greet you on clear frosty mornings, and the effect is very beautiful when a large flock of them are singing in chorus.

Song. - A loud, clear, and melodious carol; call, a soft chip.

Nest. - Of grass and moss, lined with fine grass and feathers; four or five pale bluish-green eggs, spotted with reddish brown and chestnut (.90 x .65).

Range. - N.A. east of the Rockies, breeding from New Brunswick and Manitoba northward; winters in the southern states.