Sparrow, Field bird pictures

Sparrow, Field bird picturesFIELD SPARROW
563. Spizella pusilla. 5 1/2 inches

Bill pinkish brown; crown and ear covert brown with no black markings; back reddish brown and breast and sides washed with brown.

You will find these birds in dry pastures; stubble fields, and side hills. The hotter and dryer a place is, the better they seem to like it.

They are often the only birds that will be found nesting on tracts of land recently burned over upon which the sun beats down with stifling heat.

Song. - A series of shrill piping whistles on an ascending scale and terminating in a little trill, "swee-see-see-se-e-e."

Nest. - A frail structure of grasses and weeds, lined with finer grasses; placed either on the ground or in bushes, briars, or weed patches; four or five whitish eggs marked with reddish brown (.68 x .50).

Range. - Breeds from the Gulf States north to southern Canada; winters in southern United States.

Sub-Species - 563a. Western Field Sparrow (arenacea), a paler race found on the Great Plains.