Sparrow, Black-throated bird pictures

Sparrow, Black-throated bird picturesBLACK-THROATED SPARROW
573. Amphispiza bilineata. 5 1/2 inches

These little Sparrows are entirely unlike any other North American species. They are found in the southwestern deserts, where they are not uncommon in certain localities, being found in mesquite or chaparral brush.

Note. - An ordinary Sparrow chip; song, a rich metallic "zip-zip-zip-zee-zee-zee," the first three ascending, the second three notes descending.

Nest. - In bushes or cacti at low elevations; eggs plain bluish white (.70 x .50).

Range. - From Texas north to Kansas in summer. A paler subspecies, the Desert Sparrow (deserticola), is found westward to southern California.