Snowflake bird picture

Snowflake bird pictureSNOWFLAKE
534. Plectrophenax nivalis. 7 inches

Adults in summer black and white; in winter, washed with brownish.

When winter storms sweep across our land, these birds blow in like true snowflakes, settling down upon hillsides and feeding upon seeds from the weed stalks that are sure to be found above the snow somewhere.

They are usually found in large flocks, and are very restless, starting up, as one bird, at the slightest noise, or continually wheeling about from one hill to another, of their own accord.

Song. - A low twittering while feeding and a short whistle when in flight.

Nest. - Of grass and moss lined with feathers and sunk in the sphagnum moss with which much of Arctic America is covered. Three to five eggs, pale greenish white, specked with brown. Size .90 x .65.

Range. - Breeds from Labrador and Hudson Bay northward; winters in northern United States.