Siskin bird picture

Siskin bird pictureSISKIN OR PINE FINCH
533. Spinus pinus. 5 inches

These are also northern birds, being found in the U.S., with the exception of the extreme northern parts, only in winter and early spring.

Their habits are just like those of the Goldfinches, for which species they are often mistaken, as the latter are dull-colored in winter.

Their song and call-notes are like those of the Goldfinch, but have a slight nasal twang that will identify them at a distance, after becoming accustomed to it.

They are often seen hanging head downward from the ends of branches as they feed upon the seeds or buds and when thus engaged they are very tame.

Song. - Quite similar to that of the Goldfinch.

Nest. - In coniferous trees atany elevation from the ground. They are made of rootlets and grasses, lined with pine needles and hair; the three to five eggs are greenish white, specked with reddish brown (.65 x .45).

Range. - North America, breeding northward from the northern boundary of the U.S. and farther south in mountain ranges; winters throughout the U.S.