Shrike, Nothern bird pictures

Shrike, Nothern bird picturesNORTHERN SHRIKE
621. Lanius borealis. 10 inches

This Shrike is larger than any of the species found in summer in the United States and has the breast quite distinctly barred.

Shrikes are cruel, rapacious, and carnivorous birds, feeding upon insects, grasshoppers, lizards and small birds. As they have passerine feet, the same as all our small birds they are unable to hold their prey between the feet while tearing it to pieces, so they impale it upon thorns or the barbs of a wire fence so they may tear it to shreds with their hooked bill.

Song. - Loud snatches consisting of various whistles and imitations suggesting that of a Catbird.

Nest. - They breed chiefly north of the U.S., placing their rude, bulky structures of twigs and weeds in thorny trees or hedges; their four to six eggs are grayish white with spots of light brown and darker gray (1.08 x .80).

Range. - N.A., breeding chiefly in the northern parts of Canada; winters south to Pennsylvania, Kansas, and California.